We carry Aladdin, Shaw, Mohawk, Horizon, and more!

Plush Carpet

  • known as cut pile, which is very soft and smooth to the touch
  • comes in varied weights (the higher the yarn content = higher quality)
  • wide variety of colors

Trackless Carpet

  • like plush, but with a heat set twist to the fibers to help keep them in place when walked on
  • wide variety of colors

Berber Carpet

  • Large to medium looped carpet
  • variety of colors and patterns
  • very durable for any room in the house

Level Loop Carpet

  • carpet with very small tight loops
  • tight loops help the carpet withstand high traffic areas
  • endless colors and patterns

Sculpture (cut and loop) Carpet

  • very soft and pattern-filled carpet
  • combination of loops and cut pile
  • wide variety of colors and patterns